Marketpress at root, instead of at /store

Instead of having marketpress at /store/ I want it to be at the root level.

How do I configure that?

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey again.

    TIm, I've tried removing the slug in the store settings, this seems to cause the product list page, checkout, and other store sub pages to not work as they are expecting something in there and try to resolve at //checkout, etc. :slight_frown:

    Yup that would happen, because as I mentioned the slug is there to prevent conflict with other plugins.

    Currently there is not straightforward way to remove the slug. I suppose you could rename it to something else, or something short?

    When I said short I mean like

    This is dis-heartening as I was hoping to have a simple store located at the root level. This would be a great option to add in the future.

    Well it is possible, just not with the slug which you originally asked about.

    MarketPress has a few shortcodes you can use. So you could create a page, lets call it shopping for now. Then enter the shortcode:

    wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=product&page=marketpress&tab=shortcodes <-- list of codes

    [mp_list_products paginate="true" page="1" per_page="10" order_by="date" order="DESC"]

    That short code adds a product page showing items by date added and in descending order, it will paginate the page with 10 products per page.

    You could even add multiple shortcodes and break it down by category...

    So the next step.... WordPress lets you nominate a page to be your own front page:

    Admin --> settings --> Reading


    You can then choose a static page for the front of your site. You can choose that "shopping" page we created above and now: <-- with shortcode

    becomes <-- still with shortcode.

    Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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