Marketpress authorize and capture, gateway discount, order addons

1.In marketpress is it possible to have the gateway authorize the funds and then attempt capture later after admin reviews and confirms the order?

2. Between the time the order is authorized and the time it is captured is it possible for admin to add to the order? We would like to be able to add on fees for additional driving time, ect.

3. After an order is complete are we able to add to the order and bill additional items to that customer? Is there a way to place orders from the admin side?

4. Is it possible to offer a discount for using a specific gateway? I would like give a discount for cc payments.

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    Greetings sbaker,

    Thank you for the great questions.

    On questions 1 thru 3 hpidriver is spot on and will need to be done with your merchant interface.

    4. Is it possible to offer a discount for using a specific gateway? I would like give a discount for cc payments.

    It is not possible that I know of and for good reason. This would be a direct violation of the Visa/Mastercard master agreement of the clause that says basically that you are not to offer incentives of any kind to use or not use credit cards, cash, or type of credit card.

    This could possibly lead to the permanent termination of the merchant account.

    And number 3 above I suspect is also in violation of this same agreement with the same consequences – permanent loss of merchant account.

    I will tell you a brief true story of how serious Visa USA and Mastercard take this agreement and the terms therein.

    Company United Refining of Warren Pennsylvania has a chain of Gas Stations of several hundred in the North East United States.

    They had a sign in the gas station that minimum credit card charge is $5, I wanted to purchase a gallon of milk for $3 and they refused to take my card.

    I took a picture of the sign and sent it along with a letter to Visa USA. Within a few days United Refining ignorantly sent a letter to both Visa USA and myself that it was none of my business that they were in violation of the Visa/Mastercard master agreement.

    The next day after I received my letter I went to the gas station and there was a sign up that temporarily they could no longer accept credit cards, the manager of the gas station told me Visa USA shut their terminals off coast to coast. No credit cards could be processed not even their own “Quik Fill” credit cards – the terminals were dead.

    A few days later I went back and indeed they were accepting credit cards again and there were no signs on minimum purchases anymore in any of their gas stations anywhere.

    The last I knew the ONLY way you can have a minimum and refuse to take my card is if the purchase is under $1. and the only way you can get away with persuading someone to use or not use a card is one statement – we offer a cash discount of 10% or something to that effect – but do not mention the word Visa, or credit card or anything to the effect or risk being permanently ousted from having a merchant account.

    And if you think VISA USA was being tough for that, just think how they will react when you add something to an order that has been completed – lights out.

    You had better consult an Attorney.

    Thank you for being a WPMU DEV Community Member!

    Cheers, Joe

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