MarketPress,, and excluding AmEx as an option?

Have a site setup using MP and the gateway, but am not set up to accept American Express at the moment. Is there a setting somewhere that I’m missing to exclude amex and/or discover from the credit card icons and give an error message if they attempt an amex number (which is already detected to change the CC sprite)?


  • DavidM
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    Hi WayneBuckhanan,

    I think you’d have to edit the gateway for that currently, the following file:


    On lines 119 and 123 are the css styles for those items, I think you can probably get away with changing those to:

    display: none;

    Though it may work just removing those particular styles altogether.

    On line 141 is the check for an Amex card and line 142 is for Discover. I believe you can simply remove those lines.

    I’ll tag the developer on this though, to see if an option for that could maybe be added in the future.


  • WayneBuckhanan
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    It isn’t specific, it’s dependent on your merchant account.

    From what I understand, a standard merchant account is for MC/Visa.

    Discover is a cheap/simple add-on, AmEx is not.

    I never got ambitious enough to rework the CC logo sprite so they were in that order (Discover before AmEx), esp since that was just step 1 in doing a proper fix.


  • sbahns
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    I would like to second a request for American Express and Discover cards to be optional (or at least the images for them to not appear on checkout). The users really need to be allowed to indicate which cards they accept in the setup. I’m using this plugin for a client and they weren’t happy they had to field a call from a customer trying to use their Discover card when they have never accepted that card.

    I would prefer a solution that didn’t require me to edit the plugin since I have enough to track without needing to make sure updates aren’t overwriting my changes.

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