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Your dropdown above does not show the Marketpress plugin, but it is installed on my site.

On the checkout page of the eCommerce plugin there is no field for Company. How do you add a company field for billing and shipping address?
Also within my WP site the WPMUDEV dashboard or from WpMUDEV.ORG and I login to my dashboard it some screens do not pickup that Im logged in as a registered/PAID user and loses by WPMUDEV login credentials and throws upgrade pages etc when I click directly on the Support menu and does not give me a link to re-login only purchase options. I click back to dashboard then wpmudev logo and suddenly it knows Im a paid customer. Seems like a bug to me.

  • Tom Eagles
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    Hi there @eddie_allen

    Not sure where you mean by marketpress is not appearing in the dropdown menu.
    Are you using the full or "lite" version?

    to add a new link under the example image see the screenshot attached,

    Regarding the dashboard issue, this could easily be a session issue, when on occaision this has happened to me i made sure i was logged out of the forums and then used the support link from the dashboard and it fixed the issue for me. Just to double check this try posting from the forums directly and let me know if the issue still remains.

    feel free to get back to me if you are still not sure on anything.

    Kindest regards


  • eddie_allen
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    Hi Tom

    Thanks for a reply. I am a fully paid WPMUDEV member. I logged in two different ways and from my current site with the WPMUDEV plugin dashboard and directly from the WPMUDEV.ORG site and they all behave the same. I feel I have to work to get access to this forum or Documentation.

    Lets ignore these comments (since I can work around it) and focus on the the features I specifically need.

    1) In WPCommerce for shipping and billing addresses I must have a a Company Name field. I do not see any way to add in the WPCommerce Settings form. How can I add a Company name field to the application.

    2) Is the only payment method supported in WPCommerce PayPal? Is there a feature or any other payment gateway offered? If so where do I obtain?


  • nomadicsoft
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    I have been spending a lot of time in this Plugin today and I was unable to locate a place to enable additional fields for the shipping section on checkout. A work around for this would be enabling the special instructions field and advising your purchasers to place their company name in here.

    You can enable this in Store Settings > General > Special Instructions Field at the bottom.

    Alternatively you can Personalize to the individual products and advise to use this field for their company name, as this field also shows on the shipping page.

    In regards to your second question, the plugin currently supports the following payment options.

    2Checkout AIM Checkout
    eWay Shared Payments
    Google Checkout
    iDEAL (beta)
    Manual Payments
    PayPal Payflow Pro
    PayPal Chained Payments
    PayPal Express Checkout

    These can be enabled in Store Settings > Payments tab.

    I hope this helps some of your issues. In regards to the wpmu dashboard, I cant help you there, it has been working alright for me.

    Good Luck!

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