marketpress: blogtitle missing from pagetitle

Firstly, thank you for an excellent product!!

On page titles of archive (product_category) and children of /store (/store/*) the blogtitle will not show to the right side of the |, resulting in something like: "Product Category: Contemporanea | " and "Your Shopping Cart | " which can of course "spook" the customer.

To troubleshoot I have created on my local LAMP server a duplicate install with wordpress 3.8.1, marketpress, and MarketPress Product Grid Shortcode Version: 0.3 only and removed/disabled my functions.php and custom mp_ template files.

I have the same result on my local site as on the "Live" site.

It seems that this is a theme issue. All pagetitles work correctly in twenty-ten and twenty-eleven, but the probelem described above occurs in twenty-twelve and twenty-thirteen. The CatchBox theme that I use has the same pagetitle mechanics as twenty-twelve and twenty-thirteen (using a filter create the title).

I have tried solutions similar to the filter issue fixes described in "" but to no avail.

Surely there are websites using marketpress with twenty-twelve and twenty-thirteen themes successfully!

Any tips or solutions would be greatly appreciated.