MarketPress bulk import: New level of urgency...

Greetings, all!

MarketPress needs bulk import capability: Products and related settings are probably the minimum need, but I imagine many users will also need to import orders and maybe other details. Bulk import of products from CSV is a common request in these forums.

I have seen "WP Ultimate CSV Importer" recommended in quite a few of these threads (including at least one that I opened at some point). This plugin (the FREE version) appears to have been pulled from's plugin repository (and very recently). The PRO version is still available, but it only supports the free version of MarketPress.

Again (to be clear), the PRO version of the CSV plugin ("WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro", $149.99) DOES NOT work with the current PREMIUM version of MarketPress (confirmed by their support personnel, today).

I believe the "WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro" plugin developers will be working on this problem THIS week, but I don't know how fast they can get done (in my most recent discussion with them, they seemed to feel they can get it done in a day or so, and that it will be available by end of day on Wednesday). If I find their new version works, I will share the update here for anyone interested. I suppose I can also update a few of the many support threads on the topic...

Since the lack of a bulk importer may cause us to lose a project we've been struggling with for a while, and since I know we are not alone, I'd like to suggest to WPMUDev to address the bulk import need in MarketPress with all possible urgency. In the meantime, I also suggest that folks stop recommending the "WP Ultimate CSV Importer" plugin (whether free or pro) to solve the bulk import challenge, as it simply does not work with MarketPress 3.

Frankly, I think this one issue alone is enough to push some users from MarketPress to WooCommerce, which is disappointing. Personally, I far prefer WPMUDev in general (and MarketPress in particular) to any equivalent products in the Woo ecosystem. I'd really like to see WPMUDev win this developing race, hands down.

A serious, WPMUDev-built (and supported) bulk importer for MarketPress would go far in service of the argument that WPMUDev has the preferred solution for serious e-commerce.

Gilad (Ehventerprise, LLC)