MarketPress - Bulk Update VS Bulk Import

I'm seriously hoping there is a way to do this... I've noticed that the Importer tool for MarketPress does a fine enough job of getting our product in to the system (although the lack of a unique Post/Product identifier leaves me puzzled). So, essentially, our first "Import" was successful. Now we have potentially thousands of products.

What happens when 300 of those products go through a price change from the vendors? I have not been able to bulk UPDATE any of the products. When I do, I get duplicates of the products I already have, not updates on my existing products.

Please let me know if I am doing something wrong here. We would like to continue using this cart system but the lack of being able to update existing product is definitely a deal breaker.

  • Kristin

    I would like to have this feature as well, as I am coming from a shopping cart that operates this way - when I upload a new version of my spreadsheet any existing products are updated and any new products are added. It is a huge inconvenience not to have this capability.

    Right now I'm working on a site that sells products that we're able to start selling without images, but do plan to add them soon. We've uploaded hundreds of products and opened the site, but when the images are ready, I had expected to be able to ftp them to the server then upload the updated csv with the image urls. Adding an image manually to each product is going to take way more time. Similar situation with custom fields we are adding for additional information.

    Many ecom platforms these days allow you to view your product data in a table-type format in the store admin to make bulk changes there, which would be even easier than uploading an updated spreadsheet.

    Regarding the comment above, removing duplicates from the csv isn't the issue. If you take a csv file and upload it, then add some additional information to the products in that csv and re-upload it, you get duplicate products in WP, not in the csv. You'd then have to delete your old version of the product & publish your new one, but that would mess up sales data b/c they would be reported as 2 different products, and it could also impact seo if you're not careful about matching urls.

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