Marketpress Buy Product URL request

I have used Marketpress for quite some time and have noticed one of the biggest fallbacks with this great product is that there is no direct way to send a button to a product buy url. I think this is due to the ajax "buy now / add to cart" button that has no actual URL to reference and use to program your own buy buttons with a custom theme. I was told to link to the original ticket: and that we could get this +1'ed into being reviewed for a feature.

Thank you and I hope it makes it!

  • youritguy

    For further clarification, I want to use a Woothemes Template called "listings" in which I evolved into an online Book Store with the "Bookclub" child theme. This had its own buy button, and of course I wanted the customer to be able to click this button and it would actually "buy" the item and place it in the Marketpress cart. Unfortunately since Marketpress does not provide a "buy" function URL address, I could not do this.

    I had to creatively come up with a solution by creating a dummy page that simply had the shortcode for the product. Unfortunately, this meant more clicks for the customer as they click the "buy" button on my theme, that then sends to a dummy page that has the shortcode for that item that then displays the ajax Marketpress "add to cart" button that can then be clicked. I wish Marketpress would generate a usable buy/ add to car functional URL to be referenced anywhere. Would be MUCH value to customers of Marktepress as it allows for further customization and integration into anyone's custom themes!

    Many other Wordpress Shopping Cart plugins have this function, and perhaps if I had known Marketpress did not, I would have gone with one of the others in the beginning. However, I ended up going with Marketpress due to great reviews, even though a much less mature product, and was told great support.

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