Marketpress - can all shipping details be removed except email for digital products?

Hi, I've looked through the forums and can't find this so forgive me if it has been discussed before.

I sell digital products, so all I really need from someone is their email address - I am losing a fair amount of people at the shipping details page because they see all the fields and can't be bothered.

Is there a way to get rid of this and just have the email address field?

  • Martin Koss
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    MarketPress has evolved a lot since it got a slating last year (by people like myself - and I did give it a slating), it is possibly more than you need.

    If all your products are digital products, have you considered other themes with a more simple ecommerce solution?

    I'm guessing all you want people to do is select what they want and click a buy button? Then tootle off to PayPal to settle up and then get a link to the file? Is that about right?


  • stardust
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    I have the same problem!

    I sell digital products with different variations but can't seem to figure out how i can ask my customers to only be requested to give their email address.

    Can somebody help me figure this out?

    PS: I'm working with paypal express checkout!

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