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I'm embarassed to say I've never used Marketpress on a project. I probably just know the Jigo/Woo code too well to have branched out - so forgive my feature ignorance.

I've got a client who needs to be able to do custom jewelry orders but I've reached the limitations of the "group product" type.

1. Customer picks a style of jewelry
2. Customer picks the types of beads the want and how many of each.
3. Price is tabulated and the product is added to the cart.

This can all be handled with a group product - right up to the point where a purple bead needs to be available to three different styles of jewelry. Woo/Jigo group products would require me to create the child product 3 times.

It is my hope that Marketpress may have solved this more elegantly.

Has it?

  • Patrick

    @Imperative Ideas

    With MarketPress, you can groups products via product categories. Then, you can create as customizable a product as you can dream up.

    For your client's needs, the main jewelry styles can be designated via product categories, and each product can have an unlimited number of variations, including # of beads and color. For example:

    Product category: Bracelets.
    Product: Cool customizable bracelet.


    Bead type: a, b, c, d
    # of beads: 5, 10, 15, 20
    Bead colors: blue/green. red/yellow, white/black
    Special bead: purple, orange, aqua, none
    Special bead size: 1, 2, 3, 4

    Hope this helps, and thanks for being a member!
    If you need more help, don't hesitate to post again and someone will be along as soon as possible.

  • aecnu

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