MarketPress Catalog Listing display problem

I'm having a quirky problem with my Products listing page, and I've been staring at it so long my brain is mush. :slight_smile:

It doesn't matter if I choose List View or Grid View, for some reason the very first entry is itself an excerpt of the Products page. It contains a list of the products on the page, and it's "Read More" is in fact a link to the same page.

When I first created this in catalog mode, MP failed to create the Products page, so this happens both with and without an actual "page"... I've tried playing with entry hooks in Genesis, but that bugger defies my now exhausted logic and stays put.

It mocks me, and laughs at me when I go to sleep. Yes, I've been working with the theme support folks on this, and they were able to fix one display problem, but I'm not 100% sure anymore that this one is also a theme problem.

If it is, hopefully they can figure it out in the next day or so, but if it isn't I beg for help (and fresh eyes) here as well :slight_smile: