marketpress catalog only no commerce


I would like to use MarketPress ecommerce for a 'Catalog' only. My client is a custom product manufacturer. They would like to list all their products for SEO / SEM landing page purposes, but would like all customers to contact them via. web form for a custom quote.

The vast majority of the time, the client needs coaching to get to the final product specification.

Is there any way to use MarketPress as a 'catalog' and have end users, add products to cart for QUOTE only?

  • Vaughan


    you can set marketpress to listings mode.

    dashboard > products > settings > General tab

    scroll down to miscellaneous settings

    then tick the box for listings only.

    however, this will disable the cart function completely, so users will not be able to add products to cart for quote only. unfortunately this functionality isn't possible. but it does sound like a nice feature to have, so I will add this to the feature requests, hopefully it can be included in a future update.

    I suppose you could set all the products inventory counts to '0' so they're out of stock. or possibly if you select manual payments for the gateway, this wouldn't ask them for money then, but you would get a purchase order for the product. you can change the text from manual payments to 'request a quote'

    that might work? and allow you to use the cart.

    hope this helps

  • John

    Thank you. Excellent. The Product Listing Only will work for now. Several other carts I have used in the past including ASPDotNetStorefrtont, and nopcommerce both enable "catalog mode" with a request 'quote' option or 'add to quote'. This works well for custom apparel, promotional products or other 'bulk' items, or in this case, when the product is specialized for a target audience that has limited understanding of the specific differentiation factors.

    Thank you - this was my first experience in wpmudev form. Quick and to the point.