MarketPress catalog only version?

I've used MarketPress on a couple of sites now, and my catalog usage has outpaced my e-commerce usage 3 to 1 so far.

Ever thought of creating a catalog-only version of MarketPress? Something streamlined for people who don't need to sell products, but still containing all the other MarketPress features that make the catalogs sing?

  • atouchofsummer

    Hi Ashok, I don't think you understood my suggestion, that's why I'd put it in the Features and Suggestions section :slight_smile: Maybe it should be moved back there?

    I know how to use MarketPress in catalog mode, I'm using it that way already.

    What I was suggesting was having a separate version of MarketPress that didn't include the commerce features, so that it wouldn't take so long to update versions.

    I say this because I had a problem doing an automatic update the other day, and FTP uploading the new version took longer than expected, and caused an issue for a few moments.

    Something that wouldn't likely happen if there were a lightweight catalog-only version.

  • Ash

    Hi there

    I didn't know that you are already familiar with catalog mode, you didn't mention it. Also I think it wouldn't make a big difference to create another version of a plugin which merely doesn't have things that can be disabled with a single click. And you marked it as unhelpful, but it can be helpful for people who is not familiar with catalog mode!

    caused an issue for a few moments

    Anyway, would you please tell me what issue was created when you updated the plugin? We don't want any issues with our plugins so we will be happy to resolve the issue :slight_smile:

    Also, I am adding it to feature request area, but I can't make any guarantees. It depends on a number of customers' +1 vote when the dev will raise it.

    Thank you for your suggestion. We always welcome your suggestions and more suggestions would be appreciated :slight_smile:


  • atouchofsummer

    My initial comment clearly stated that I was already using MP in catalog mode on several sites, so I think it would follow that it would be understood that I was familiar with how to enable it.

    The issue I ran into was transient, but had a noticeable impact at the time... a failure to completely update the plugin. I'm not 100% sure what happened, but I had to delete the plugin via FTP and upload it manually again to get everything back, meaning I had a longer MarketPress outage than I'd originally planned for. At the time I thought "would this outage have happened if the plugin was smaller and finished the update faster", which is what made me ask about a catalog version.

    Also, I don't think it's all that big a stretch to ask about the possibility of a catalog version of MarketPress, considering that there seem to already be three versions out there now, the full version here, the lite version here, and the version that's available in the repository... is the version a different version, or just an older edition of the current full version?

    I guess I'm not 100% familiar with how the helpful/unhelpful tags work... I had flagged unhelpful because your first answer told me how to enable catalog mode when it was rather obvious from my first statement that I already knew how to do that.

    I also felt a little annoyed when it seemed that you ignored my question and by supplying the default tech support response instead of responding to what I was really asking about.

    If I'm mistaken about how the helpful/unhelpful tags work, let me know, and I'll correct accordingly

  • Ash

    Hi there

    a failure to completely update the plugin

    Did it happen only one time or several time? If one time, then it could be for any technical reason. There might be a problem like internet connection dropping for a moment or your server issue or even our download server issue. But if it happened several times, then I agree, there need to be tensed. I am letting the technical team know about this issue.

    To upload in the server, there is a faster process -
    1. Delete all files of marketpress folder through cPanel (keep the folder, delete the files ony)
    2. Make a zip of new downloaded plugin in root
    3. Upload the zip inside the marketpress folder via ftp
    4. Unzip the zip via cpanel

    MarketPress version in is not an older version, it is the same version just without some important features. Some features are only available in only the paid version.

    I also felt a little annoyed when it seemed that you ignored my question

    We never ignore your questions. We always try to provide you our best services. Because happier customers are the oxygen of a company. You see, you question was answered very quickly. Yes, there could be some misunderstandings sometimes, but we really try to avoid that.

    I apologize for my misunderstanding. Please feel free to ask, if you have any more question :slight_smile:


  • atouchofsummer

    The update failure was a transient thing, my guess is a temporary communications glitch between my host and WMPU servers, and only happened that one time (which is why I didn't bother to post anything about it), but those are still irksome when they happen :slight_smile:

    MarketPress version in is not an older version, it is the same version just without some important features. Some features are only available in only the paid version.

    Understood. Also, MP's catalog functions and displays work so much better than any of the catalog plugins from the repository that I'd tried out... I'd tested out 4 of them before coming back to use MP in catalog mode :slight_smile:

    Thank you for explaining things :slight_smile:

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