Marketpress Categories Don't Load Properly When Called By Short code under Chameleon Theme from

I am building out a store using MarketPress and the Chameleon Theme from Elegant Themes.

Overall it has been going great, however I have run into a problem and have narrowed it down to being a problem with the Chameleon theme. The problem is that the shortcode used to display products on a page will not work correctly when I narrow the products by category. Specifically - no matter how many products are in a category - the shortcode will only display 5 products at most.

I have switched to the 2010 theme and it worked fine - and I even switched it to the simplepress theme (also from Elegant themes) and that worked fine mostly (a separate plugin that displays the products in a grid view did not work there) - but either way, the problem seems to come from Chameleon specifically.

Any ideas?

website link is:
thread on the same question at elegant themes (may be behind pay wall if you aren't a member there):