Marketpress causing edit page/post to not load


I’m having trouble with marketpress on my multisite.

When Marketpress is activated I’m not able to edit pages/posts etc … I just see a page with a number 1 in the top left corner eg: /wp-admin/post.php?post=2510&action=edit

I’ve tried:

1. renamed /plugins/ folder to /plugins-bak/ and added individual plugins back into new /plugins/ folder one at a time and checking after each one – marketpress caused the error

2. moved only marketpress out of /plugins/ folder – error was gone

3. moved every plugin out of /plugins/ and only had marketpress in there – error was back

4. renamed /themes/ folder and put marketpress back into /plugins/ folder – error was back

5. removed and reinstalled new clean version of mp thru wpmu dev dashboard – error is back

6. downloaded latest marketpress, moved old mp to /plugins-bak/ folder and uploaded newest version – still giving error

7. All plugins, themes & WP are at latest version

I’ve granted support access on the site … so ready for help please :slight_smile: