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I’ve been messing around with a multi site install of MarketPress so that I can setup a marketplace for vendors to sell items, and automatically take a fee of each sale as commission for hosting the marketplace. So far MarketPress and the Paypal Chained payment feature seem promising. I’ve tested this and it does seem to work.

My questions are, can I set a different percentage or a fixed cost to deduct from each store?

How do you set the paypal address where the owner of each store will receive payment? The only way I could figure out was to manually log in to each store as the Super Admin and changing the Store Settings option. This setting was not available to the store dashboard unless logged in as admin.

  • Alexander
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    Hi @snowman,

    You can only set one fee across the entire network, and it would be collected as a percentage. To get this setup, you’ll need to configure the network gateway. I’m not quite sure where you’re at, so I’ll just explain from the beginning.

    1. From the network admin dashboard, visit “Settings -> MarketPress”

    2. Enable PayPal Chained Payments, and disable all other gateways.

    3. Enter the fee you would like deducted

    4. Enter the PayPal email address where fees should be sent.

    5. Enter your PayPal API credentials. MarketPress talks to the PayPal API thorugh a PayPal custom application you will need to create. Instructions are provided on the setup screen. This is how the fee can be deducted without the end user knowing any different.

    6. Be sure to update the store message to show the store admins what fee is being deducted.

    Once all this is done, each store admin will see your message on the payments tab of their Marketpress settings. Then will have a field to enter their paypal email address where all of their proceeds will be sent.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if it still doesn’t work, or if there’s anything you’re unclear on.

    Best regards,

    Alexander Rohmann

  • snowman
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    Thanks for the great response. I did get this all working this morning with the Paypal sandbox. The pieces I missed were clarified in your response.

    I now underdstand that the store admin is able to change the destination address of the payment – % fee.

    You also confirmed that the payment fee can only be set as a percentage and must be the same for all stores. Is this limitation one implemented by Paypal or MarketPress? Ideally it would be possible to set the % or fixed fee either globally or uniquely for each individual store right in the MarketPress admin.

    Finally, I am aware of the limitation of chained payments only to a max number of splits, but does paypal limit the number of accounts that a marektplace can distribute to for each app? In other words, can I set up 100+ stores on multisite, using a single MarketPress installation and a single Paypal custom application?

  • snowman
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    Also, another related question. Could the “fixed fee” for each sale be automatically added to each purchase at checkout, so that each cart automatically includes a fixed fee that is allocated to the site owner using Chained Payments?

  • hpidriver
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    @snowman, for your last question the answer is no. Paypal chained payments is designed to split up one single payment into several recipients, you would have to use a custom coded solution for what you are looking to do. (Paypal Parallel payments might be better suited for this)

  • Alexander
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    To clarify further from the insight @hpidriver included, Chained payments splits between the network admin, and the site owner. There are no other parties here to receive payment

    But as he said, the answer is no unfortunately. In any case, you would need to custom code this.

    If you’re up for custom coding it, let me know and I can provide some insight on a few ways it could be done. Or you could hire someone for this at the jobs board here:

    Best regards, Alexander Rohmann

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