Marketpress chained payments api


I have a multisite store in place and I am trying to get approval from PayPal for chained payments. All I want to do is take a percentage from my store owners sales so I set up my sandbox with a test buyer, test seller for my store owner and test super admin seller I have fake e-mails, fake api codes and fake passwords. I set up the test store with a test product and went throught the set up of store setting for that store. I am following a pdf written by osbod (of course I can't find that post anymore but I did save the pdf. I disabled all other payment gateways in the super admin settings area and I only have chained payments activated. I used my sandbox api user name, password and signature for the super admin in the area for paypal api credentials and paypal sandbox api credentials. I set the main store to sand box and activated chained payments and used my pretend super admin email address from my sandbox account. My test store is set to chained payments and is in sandbox mode too. I used the pretend seller email address from my sandbox. Next I tried to buy my test product. the price was 0.01 and my shipping is set to zero. I get an error that says (see screenshot)

There was a problem connecting to PayPal to setup your purchase. Please try again.

?580022 – Invalid request parameter: amount must be greater than zero

Any ideas?

Do I really have to keep my main store in sandbox mode and totally shut down my business while I wait the 3 weeks for my approval? Please tell me I don't have to shut down my business.