marketpress chained payments help

OMG! im getting super frustrated with paypal and the whole chained payment application id needed for chained payments.

there are no instructions to be found anywhere.

when i found what would seem to be the perfect guide to all my problems it ended up being 11 months old and outdated because of course paypal developer has changed.

ive been searching and searching for help on how to obtain my application id for my marketpress and fundraiser sites and even just how to navigate the developer site.

the new paypal developer site is currently in beta and has no instructions what-so-ever on how to use it.

i need serious help cause im pulling my hair out over here. all help i do find is a year or more old.

paypal has NEVER been user there any other way to receive chained payments? i know as hard as WPMUDEV tries you guys cant make paypal understand how to be friendly and provide guides on how to use their products.

is there anyone out there that has used the new beta version of paypal developer?

where can i find detailed instructions on how to obtain an application id? i already have an API username, password and i need a new one?

what do i do? where do i go?