Marketpress - change category order

Is there any way to change the category order in MarketPress? I tried using the My Category Order plugin, but it only works with posts, not custom post types.

I'm using the built in product category list widget, but that only sorts alphabetically right now, and I need to control the order that the categories appear in the list.


    Hi nickd32,

    For the ultimate in MarketPress widget customization, you could simply enable shortcodes in the text widget by including the following in your theme's functions.php file:
    <?php add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode'); ?>

    With that you could use the simple WordPress text widget to display any of the MarketPress shortcodes, like for instance the following:
    [mp_list_categories orderby="author"]
    [mp_list_categories orderby="id"]

    And for easy reference, the following fields work with that shortcode:
    "order_by" - What field to order products by. Can be: title, date, ID, author, price, sales, rand (random).



    Yes, I thought about doing that, but it still doesn't give me the option I need, which is "I set the order"

    In this case the client has multiple categories of products that they want shown in a specific order which has nothing to do with the built-in criteria.

    The "My Category Order" plugin mentioned above adds a new option to the 'orderby' set called

    ...that's what I'm looking for here.


    I'd say these types of things would be best done via a taxonomy widget that can accept custom queries though for your particular circumstance it would be best to have a drag and drop interface or at least some means of specifying the order. I just haven't seen a widget of that sort in particular.


    Hi all, this is actually an easy fix (though a bit tedious). You use shortcode to display items in the order they were added, and then edit the dates each product was added to correspond with the product order you are seeking.

    [mp_list_products order_by="date"]

    I know this impractical for displaying a lot of products, but it worked perfectly for me. I had a site needing some products ordered by year (which I did with shortcode and tags - like this: [mp_list_products tag="2010"] ), and the top 20 products in a grid in an order specified by the client on a daily basis. As the items weren't top sellers and there was no alphabetical order that would make sense, I simply taught the client to edit the post dates to change the product order.


    I tried the plugin Gary mentioned above, and it let me change category order. The publishers of that plugin also make this:

    This one worked to change product order via drag & drop, not bad! It's a little awk because it shows ALL products in a big long list... rather than letting you order products within the category taxonomy... but it seems to work!

    I hope the WPMU folks decide to do something like this

    Timothy Bowers

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    This is a great topic. Ordering categories is a must for most e-commerce sites.


    thank you for shearing your workaround.

    Would any one please advice me where this code needs to be placed to order the categories?

    [mp_list_products order_by="date"]

    Im using FrameMarket GridMarket theme and Market Press plugin

    thank you


    Hi David,

    I prefer not to use plugins, that's why I like your coding method. However, Im having some difficulty in activating it.

    1) I added the <?php add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode'; ?> line of code the gridmarket theme functions.php file.

    2) I added a text box to the sidebar and added this [mp_list_categories orderby="id"] to it.

    See Images attached.

    However, the categories are still sorted alphabetically.
    I'm I doing something wrong?




    I finally got it to work, Thanks David!

    For those implementing this, be sure not to leave any empty space after adding the <?php add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode'); ?> line of code the gridmarket theme functions.php file.

    I think that was the extra empty spaces that were causing the problem.