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I would like to change the text of the privacy checkbox on MarketPress checkout page. How can I do this? Also, I would like to add a link to terms and conditions.

  • Ohidul Islam
    • Staff

    Hello antonimike,

    Hope you have a nice day!

    Answer to your question: "Change the text of the privacy checkbox"
    I have a very nice handy solution for you to change the text of the privacy checkbox checkout page.

    Please install our super plugin Branda, here's the link to it https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/ultimate-branding/
    Go ahead and install it.
    It allows you to replace any text from your website.

    The settings you need to do after installing Branda,

    Follow me:
    1. From Branda -> Settings click on Manage All Modules
    2. Check on Text Replacement module and save changes
    3. Now from Branda -> Dashboard click on the Text Replacement modules edit pen icon
    4. Now add a new rule
    5. Paste the text you need to replace in "Find Text" text field and put your text in "Replace with" text field and don't forget to check on Case Insensitive too
    6. And that's it, you're done. The text is replaced nicely

    Follow the steps and let me know if you have did it successfully.

    Answer to your question: "Add a link to terms and conditions"

    Could you provide me more information about your request?
    Do you wish to change the Privacy policy page to Terms and Conditions page? Then the answer of your another ticket will help https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/marketpress-ecommerce-wanted-to-add-checkbox-for-privacy-policy-term-and-condition-on-chec

    Or you wish to add both Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy page as well?

    Let me know about this.


  • Ohidul Islam
    • Staff

    Hello antonimike,

    Glad to hear back from you.

    If you want to include both Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy link then there's no easy way to do it from WordPress dashboard. You need to edit the core plugin file to achieve this.

    Please follow my instructions to do this:

    1. Access your files using FTP or cPanel file manager and go to this directory /wp-content/plugins/marketpress/includes/public/ and edit class-mp-checkout.php file.

    2. Now go to the line number 1280 and find this code block https://i.imgur.com/F2hQBWy.png. If you are using MarketPress v3.3.0 then line no will exact match. Otherwise after opening the class-mp-checkout.php file search for section_billing_shipping_address() function and you will see this code block. https://i.imgur.com/XLsQlSk.png

    3. Now replace this selected code block with the code below https://i.imgur.com/F2hQBWy.png

    $html .= '<div class="mp_checkout_field mp_checkout_checkbox mp_privacy_policy">
            <label class="mp_form_label">
                <input type="checkbox" class="mp_form_checkbox" data-rule-required="true" name="billing[policy]" value="1" autocomplete="off">
                <span class="mp_field_required">*</span>
                <span>' . __( "By clicking this checkbox you allow the website to process your personal data", "mp" ) . ' '.
                sprintf('<a href="%s">Terms and conditions</a> and ', 'http://example.com/terms-page-link-here') .
                get_the_privacy_policy_link() . '</span>
            <label for="billing[policy]" class="error">' . __( "This field is required.", "mp" ) . '</label>

    And then replace http://example.com/terms-page-link-here with your Terms and Conditions page link.

    So that the checkout page checkbox label will show both page links https://i.imgur.com/eN9N5ML.png

    But if you are afraid to make changes directly into code, you could replace/overwrite your class-mp-checkout.php file with my shared class-mp-checkout.php patch file.
    Download the patch file from here

    Please let me know if this works for you.

    Kind regards,

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