MarketPress - Change those pages! And Upcoming Products

You can change the slugs but no the names of the pages, thus you are stuck with the name "products" although that is universal, sometimes it better to have it as "bookings" or "events".

A widget to show upcoming products (future publish dates) with the option of pre-purchases would be good (showing and allowing access to future publication articles), this then makes the cart more viable for events and tickets. :slight_smile:

These minor additions could open up the market for other buyers of your service. :wink:

  • DavidM

    Hi Tim,

    More good ideas! Personally, I thought it might be nice to be able to create a real page like the Store page for the other pages, so that users could specify a page template and of course, have any SEO options easily accessible. The next version is on the horizon though, so we'll see how these things might change then.

    And good point about the upcoming products widget. Opening up MarketPress to other markets, especially ones that it can so easily address sounds like a win-win situation.

    Anyone else up for an upcoming products widget?


  • Timothy Bowers

    Your teasing me now about this horizon business, lol. Can't wait to see the next version!

    Maybe allow reputation points to be used as a voting mechanism. I'd vote all mine to it. ha ha.

    The page thing, you mean like a suppliers page with their products. So if you sold computer parts and ABC computers had their own shop they could also have their own page on the front of the main MarketPress site, logo'd up with all their products, is this how you mean?

    That would be awesome. Perhaps you could even have an option to not give them their own store, just a page. This gives two upgrade levels. Free (% taken) with or without page, basic with page and pro with full blown e-commerce solution.......

    Would make the cart a lot more complex but I'd love that. I think I recall seeing though that the dev(s) wanted to keep it simplistic though so this might not be viable for them? Perhaps plugins of plugins would work?

  • DavidM

    Sorry for lack of clarity there, I only meant additional pages regarding the MarketPress slugs. The Store page is an actual WordPress page and as such can have its own page template and, for instance, SEO settings using the WPMU DEV SEO plugin. But the other pages such as 'products' don't have actual pages like this.

    Though, again, your idea is a great one. It would allow for a multi-store site using a regular, single-site WordPress. Or even for a multi-multi-store. A plugin add-on seems like the way to go with that one. But a great one it would be.

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