MarketPress commerce merges with % Sales donation service.

A part of my MarketPress/GridMarket shop network motto is “shop to make a difference”, giving shop merchants the option to commit a % of their sales to donate to a worthy cause.

How can I design a way for a group of MarketPress shop merchants to:

1) track % of sales on a regular basis

2) follow through with their $donations

3) and inform public of total %sales/cause

I can manually tag each product to a cause, to create a searchable tag-group for public to “shop to make a difference” (I hope).

I can manually make a page with a table to track each cause or group, and their network of participating shop merchants, to inform the public of total donations to date (I hope).

But, how do I get the data? Can MarketPress feed the super admin total sales/group? (This data may have to come from the cause or group after a donation period.)

Can MarketPress work with a community or group plugin function? Would this help?

cause = community group

shop merchants = community members

How do I get total sales/group?

– Total sales/member?

– %sales committed/member?

= Total $donation/member?

Are there plugins that can help me do any part of this, or can MarketPress be modified to feed data to super admin from each participating shop (tag)?

I considered developing a custom plugin for this, to include making the PayPal donation per sales transaction. (But it gets tricky upon sales returns).

I have agencies waiting to find out if I can swing it with this infrastructure – to help them raise funds for their cause.

Your feedback is very welcome!

Thanks for your time.