Marketpress compatible with Yoothemes


Does any of you know if Marketpress is compatible with YooThemes? I am thinking about buying their themes for an eCommerce solution.


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    Wow, never even heard of them. MarketPress will work with any theme coded to standards. If it's a highly-specialized theme you may have to create a custom template file. Directions are provided for this within MarketPress itself, and of course, we'll lend you a hand here as best we can if needed.


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    I have been with Yootheme for years and they make great templates for Joomla.
    The new wordpress templates are great but sometimes they lack some of the hooks that WPMU use.
    They are however aware and are doing all they can to make sure the templates are flexible enough to accommodate standard WP as well as their own awesome Warp Framework.

    I am currently working with their Shelf theme to create an online store using Marketpress. It would be ideal except for Marketpress not offering weight based shipping as yet... and for some reason I cannot get the Grid plugin to paginate when using the shortcode. Anyways they are not linked to this thread.

    So far all is working well and I haven't needed to make any modifications to get Marketpress working.

    Also I have used Comments Plus and Floating Social on
    This is also a Yootheme template :slight_smile:

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    @Timothy, I have been with them for a few years when they only did Joomla. They made my Joomla life a lot easier with their easy to follow CSS & HTML. Their designs never looked like they were made in Artisteer :stuck_out_tongue:.

    For a learner like me at the time it helped me a lot to dig through their code. Nowdays they have moved onto their own Framework. but again, it is documented and does allow you to create your own design based on it.

    I think in the next year they will be get a wordpress reputation as well, if through no one else but me :slight_smile:.
    I'll post up once this current site using MarketPress has been completed. (while I wait for Australia Post shipping integration, or a means for me to integrate it)

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