[marketpress] Complete newbie

Hi there !

I just arrived here and I guess that is a very very basic complain, so I´ll try to adress what need to know from you, guys and gals from WPMUDEV :slight_smile:

I just installed a regular WP system and put the MarketPress to run in the default 2010 theme.

1) the link on “Browse Products »” points to a “store” WP page, but this page wasn´t created.

2) need I to install a PayPal related plugin to close the checkout ?

3) where I can read about more sofisticated themes for a WP e-shop ?

4) just cheking: the PDF for newbies that you´re working on :wink: will bring some out-of-the-box WP+MktPress+billing instation tips ?

That´s all for now. More to come. And I really feel confident about your support :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot !