MarketPress Conditional Shipping and Handling / Weight per Variant

Hi all,

I have recently come across a client with a need for more control over the inventory in Marketpress in the following ways. (I'm hoping you guys can tell me that others have tried this or that these are going to be upcoming feature additions)

Weight per Variants: We currently can’t select a weight per variant (ie Large, Extra Large etc). We can only choose a global weight per product.

Package and Handling Conditional Calculations (USPS): We can set a base packaging and handling charge, say $3.00, but not a conditional one. The cart is not smart enough right now to know whether or not specific product combinations should add to the shipping and handling.

*Not related to this project but just a thought*

Native Product Gallery: I know you can use any gallery for the product images, but what about the ability to add multiple product image into one product and display the thumbnails for them on the product detail page. That would be a nice addition as clients have multiple product views and it would look nice and integrated if we could do this with just MarketPress.

Let me know if this should be in the Features Suggestions section.