MarketPress conflict with Headway Theme

I have a conflict with MarketPress and Headway. When I add an image to the new "image block" in HW while in the grid mode and have it autosize it, it shows properly. However, after saving and viewing either in the design mode or on the site itself, the image goes back to full size. In my efforts to find the cause it has come down to the MP plugin. Can you offer any fixes or suggestions? I'm running the following:
WP 3.8
MP 2.8.9
HW 3.6

Thanks. This issue only showed up with the latest HW update.

A related problem seems to be the lack of pop up to larger image size with the click on a magnifier as well as a change of column displays in a product gallery. An established 3 column display prior to the upgrade has turned into a 2 column display.

Thanks for your help.