marketpress coupons and checkout

Sorry to keep opening tickets about this but I don't understand how the coupons work. It's easy enough to create one but don't see how users can use it at check out?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Douglas,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I assume that you are referring to this topic:

    Let me then summarize this for you and hopefully answer your questions this way :slight_smile:

    1. How to create coupons?

    - make sure that the "Coupons" add-on is enabled
    - go to the "Store -> Coupons" page and click on "Create New" button
    - fill-in a unique coupon name (Coupon Code) and set it's options
    - click "Publish"

    The coupon is created and can be used by customers.

    2. Why do I need to "Publish" a coupon?

    The "coupon" is technically a custom post (see: custom post types). In fact, every content in WordPress is a "post" and to be made available/usable has to be "published". The button label ("Publish":wink: can be a bit misleading but it's how the WordPress is made :slight_smile: Basically, by "publishing" the coupon you essentially create and activate it.

    3. I "Published" a coupon so will everybody see it?

    No. Nobody will see it except you and users that have access to the store settings in the backend of your site. An example of such a user would be another admin of your site. Visitors to the site and even registered "subscriber" users will not see these coupons.

    4. How to deliver coupons?

    This is up to you. The "Coupon Code" (the name that you gave to coupon in step 1) is what has to be known to the customer in order to use the coupon/receive the discount as you set it. Therefore you will want to distribute the "Coupon Code" to your customers.

    There's no automated tool available so depending on your needs/goals you can for example:

    - print the coupon code on leaflets or business cards
    - write about it in a blog post
    - put it on your website (e.g. on a banner advertising "winter sale":wink:
    - send it by e-mail
    - send it in a newsletter if you run one
    - talk about it, publish it on social media etc...

    5. How to use the coupon?

    A customer that's been give a coupon (see point 4) goes to your online store and adds some product to the basket/shopping cart. After he/she has gathered all the desired products he/she goes to checkout and the shopping cart summary is displayed.

    On a cart page below the cart summary the "Coupon" filed is also displayed, see the screenshot below:

    A customer puts the Coupon Code into the "Have a coupon code?" field and clicks on the "Apply Code" button. The discount is applied and a customer proceeds with a regular checkout.

    I hope that helps. If you have further questions on this, let me know please.

    Best regards,

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