marketpress crashing my site

i just downloaded a 12 month subrcription to the premium marketpress and it's crashing my new site. Need help please

  • DavidM
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    Hi Michael and first off, welcome to WPMU DEV!

    Sorry you're experiencing trouble with MarketPress. It sounds like you're very likely experiencing a plugin conflict. Best thing to check at this point would be your error logs.

    Could you have a look at that to see any relevant errors?

    It's also possible this is a version issue as the current version of MarketPress is meant for use with the more recent WordPress versions. Could you let us know which versions of WordPress, MarketPress and perhaps BuddyPress you're using? Is it a Multisite network?

    Apart from that, possibly the best thing to do would be to deactivate all plugins and activate them one by one.


  • solostrength
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    Thanks David,
    everything is most current versions.
    not using buddypress or multisite (? can buddypress be used with affiliate management for marketpress?) if not what affiliate management system do you recommend?

    it does seem there is some conflict going on and related to marketpress. i wonder also if it has to do with using page cache performance plugins i was noticing there is somethings written about not using them for ecom sites?

    getting an http 500 error message something related to wp-admin/plugins.php

    Is any of this sounding familiar?

    Thank you so much.

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