Marketpress CSS Changes

Can I please request that the CSS for the following classes include a text colour code, depending on theme it can make text hard to read otherwise - See screens :slight_smile:

.mp_cart_contents_widget - Ad a background or something, it looks a little off in some themes.

Can we also add anchor CSS to code the links as well.

The last cart image picture31 was one I made changes to. The screens were done in two themes, but the problem is in a good few, I think its mainly darker themes, as the table BG is light and so expects a dark default text colour rather than a light one which would be on darker themes. :slight_smile:

  • Tammie

    Why not do inheritance? Gets around all styling as you can add anything then. You basically call the element before then the name of what you want to style either a main element type: a, p, h1.. etc or a CSS element.

    #elementbefore a:link... {}
    #elementbefore .element a.button{}

    Also global elements is a lot of the way I designed FrameMarket and GridMarket ie; style submit buttons, style buttons and so on - style p, a. I got around any non styled bits in MarketPlace that way and actually it was nice to not have styling in all cases. Gives far more flexibility if you use elements and inheritance.

    To be honest one of the best bits of code if you are designing is this:

    global $mp;
    	remove_action( 'template_redirect', array(&$mp, 'load_store_theme') );

    That removes all styling and leave you to do your own. In FrameMarket check out in the stylesheets anything marked: marketpress. Then you can grab a basic style. Or just copy all the styling from a theme you like GridMarket then adapt to your own within your theme.

  • Timothy Bowers

    Thanks Tammie.

    Thats great if your designing from scratch or you edit all of your themes on a given website. But this means that every time a theme is updated then you must also update the code and css. If a multisite has say 100 or 200 themes, and a quarter of them are updated at least monthly it adds more admin time to getting each theme ready for users to actually use.

    Making the edit direct in to Marketpress is only every time MP is updated is just once or twice a month.

    But my point was that the CSS of Marketpress gives these areas a light background colour but leaves the font colour to the theme, so in darker themes where the font colour might be white, the text gets lost. So it doesn't quite work out of the box.

    Making the simply change to MP as a permanent change would make it globally work for all themes. Then if people still wished they could follow your advice if they wanted something more specific.

    I guess what I'm asking is that where background colours are used then I'd rather see font colours included as well to ensure it is readable across the globe.

    Thanks for your feedback Tammie. :slight_smile:

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