MarketPress custom curreny and gateway


I have installed MarketPress and now I am going to add custom currency and payment gateway.

Currency is GEL – Georgian Lari

Payment gateway is local PayPal-like service, which isn’t yet opened.

Please provide basic suggestions about that, especially about custom currency, what do you need from me and etc.



  • kshengelia
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi Phil,

    Well, those currencies are popular of course, but there is one problem for me – there isn’t currency of my country, so as I am building MarketPress Network targeted on local market, it’s pretty big problem for me.

    Please give me basic directions in order to start working on that if it isn’t that hard.



  • Aaron
    • CTO

    The gateway api is well documented in the current gateway plugins. Copy one of them and use it as an example.

    As far as new currency, i’ll add it in the next release. For now you can add this to the currency array in the marketpress-data.php file:

    "GEL"=> array("Georgia, lari", "6c, 61, 72, 69"),

  • kshengelia
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hello Aaron,

    Yes I saw that documentation about custom gateway plugins and they are perfect. No problem about this one.

    As to currency, I will add that line, but what does “6c, 61, 72, 69” stands for? Anyway, this code will “discover” that for example 1$ = 1,65 GEL (Now) or should I define it myself?


  • Max M.
    • Flash Drive

    Hi all!

    Sorry for thread necromancy, but I need some more details about the string that Aaron reported:

    "GEL"=> array("Georgia, lari", "6c, 61, 72, 69"),

    This kind of problem still (and will always) exist for those -like me- that are setting up a system completely based on a dummy currency…

    It’s something that I’m trying to setup for a small gaming site of mine, if everything will succeed (99% done already, and running smooth) I might share my experience in the forum.

    If nothing else, believe me when I say it’s being FUN!

    I just need to make the whole thing perfect by adding my custom currency.

    I would also need to add custom cities/addresses, but I’ll face one problem at a time. :smiley:

    Thanks in advance for any help you all might provide! ^_^


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