Marketpress custom post type in Admin Navigation Menus

Hi, I don't know if this is a Marketpress issue, or a general Multisite issue, or something wrong with my setup.

Marketpress is installed fine as far as I can see. The custom post types of 'products are all there' as are the custom taxonimies of product categories and product tags.

When I go into 'menus' as super admin, I can see all the product categories & tags (separate meta boxes belows the pages metaboxes). SO I can add specific menu entroes that link to a product category, no problem.

But when I log in as the site admin (not teh network super admin) to do the same task, the meta boxes for the product categories & tags are not there.

Does the same thing happen for you? Are teh custom taxonomies meta boxes placed by teh plugin, so it is a capability issue, or is this a generic issue with multi-site?