MarketPress Custom Theme help

Hello, I’m trying to create my own custom template to use with market press. I currently created a file named mp_product.php inside my themes folder. The issue I’m having is outputting certain information. For instance, my product has variation to it, yet I cant find a way to output the variation drop down. I’m also having issues with it outputting the product image, product price, and everything else that should output in the single products page. I searched a ton through the template functions file and could find anything pertaining to what I’m looking for. Please help. I’m started to think my installation of Market press might be broken. When I insert the product image function, it outputs the featured product image size and link, but not the actual product image… I cant even get the add to cart button function to output.

I did notice that if I remove mp_product.php from my themes folder and allow it to use the single.php file i created, it outputs everything just fine. But I have plans for different templates for certain products…

Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.