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Hey all, long time listener first time caller...

As I start building my custom theme files for marketpress, is there anyway to put them all in a folder ie wp-content/themes/mytheme/mptemplates ? I've already got quite a few and adding more, just curious if this is possible? I'd love to be able to do it with all my custom templates in reality just to keep things neat and tidy. Something with .htaccess or some other funky trick I don't know?



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    "what's a child theme?"....I'm just kidding...although I did hear that question in the dev track at Wordcamp LA last year...made me chuckle.

    Not really interested in childtheming as this is a custom theme I've already done. Full blown CMS and now adding marketpress...cause rocks! This might be more of a general wordpress question vs a marketpress question. But, since everyone here is so much smarter than I am, thought I'd ask.

    I come from old school asp days...where I could <!-- #include file ="path\to\file\mysnazzyaspfile.asp" --> and I did that A LOT because I like organization (my OCD is showing).

    So, not sure if it's something that CAN be done with wordpress...but I'd love to clean up my folders in my theme...all my marketpress in one folder, all my CPT stuff in another...more than anything this is wishful thinking.



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    Hi Brian

    I just happened to land on this thread while searching for something else...

    Think I should give the new Beta version a try :slight_smile: After reading the article link in your post I have to say there's quite a bit of new features and improvements. And I feel with you on the inner OCDness - I feel like I was handed a new square toy, LOL.

    Have a good weekend and have fun playing with the Beta version!


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