[marketpress] Customising the layout in product listing and product page

Hi there,

Can you please tell me where the product ( category ) listing is generated? More importantly where the actual product page is generated in the code. I know I can change things about in the css file for the theme and have done so but it doesn't allow me to change the order of items on a page, for example:

the product page currently shows the price last. In the CSS file I can change it from right to left but I cannot make it appear first or after the title.

Same applied to category listing, I may want to move the price to the same 'line' as the title.

Thanks for any help.

  • realistix


    after a couple of days of looking at the template-functions.php file and custom page templates file you referred to above I fin'd myself utterly lost as to what I'm actually meant to be doing or where to start. Whenever I've done this kind of things in the past with other CMS type systems and plugins and it has been very straightforward to decypher the code in less than a day and be able to manipulate layout any which way I like but I can't even see a starting point ( other than the css mentioned previously ). This is probably mostly down to the fact that I have only been using wordpress for 2 months ( client's website had to be done on WP ).

    I'm getting depressed very quickly lol.

    Anything in the form of help or guidance would be great.


  • Mason

    Hiya realistix,

    We can help ya a bit. Can you tell us more about what you're wanting to accomplish?

    The MarketPress plugin uses regular WordPress theme templates so a good understanding of templates will definitely be a help. The plugin uses the themes default page template, usually page.php or single.php unless you create special mp templates. From there, you can use the template-functions.php comments to direct you in creating your own custom loops.

    The WordPress codex has quite a bit of information on custom queries as well which you may find useful as you look at getting this set up:

    If you need more specific information, let us know and we'll see how we can help.


  • nickrosener

    Hey I noticed this page and think it is excellent.. that last bit about the WP_Query.. I would love to hear more about it. Basically you get WP it comes with functions in wp-admin and includes and content. You get a theme, it has php files with functions, as well as any plugins you get. In this case we have WPMU and MarketPress. So MarketPress has functions, with the wp_query, and so do the themes, yet not really in functions.php that I saw. So what is the secret? replicate the code, copy/paste/rename? or is there a global method, purhaps via some embed code at the beginning of your custom function... I read both links and I still didn't understand what would call the product list page via a php function to determine what to display for breadcrumbs..

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