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I've got some questions when it comes to customizing the way marketpress looks. Oh just for the record, I don't use pre build templates so this is a 100% custom theme.

I want to completely customize the way marketpress displays the products.

I see the template-functions.php but it's really not clear to me where these elements are. That whole file is one huge mess. Basically i'm looking for something that will do

if Product Category get product
get image
get description
get price
get add to cart

so then I can wrap each element in a div and style accordingly. Everything I see in the template-functions.php makes it look like to accomplish this i'll need 1000 lines of code. There has to be an easier way.

  • jason_hebert
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    I need things to be dynamic though. I see i can use a shortcode to get a specific product image / price etc. by adding the id. Can I do that with categories? I didn't see that option in the documentation.

    Say I want to display a product from the category "featured items" on the homepage. What I want to do is have the latest "featured item" on the homepage that is dynamically driven so when my client decides to switch or add another "featured product" all they have to do is select the "featured items" category on the product. (better yet you should have a featured product option.. it's odd that you don't )

    So the code i'd want is
    `<div class="featuredimg">
    [mp_product_image category="featured" ]

    But right here even if the category worked the next shortcode for say, the price would have to know that the price is for this product.

    The only way I see it working is if I can edit the layout in the code for this

    mp_list_products paginate="true" page="1" per_page="1" order_by="price" order="DESC" category="featured"]

    Am I missing something here? Am I making this more complicated than it has to be? So far I gotta admit that I'm very discouraged.

  • aecnu
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    Greetings jason_hebert,

    Thank you for your additional input and the coding snippets.

    The realm of custom coding is far for the scope of the support that we provide here though I admit that I am trying to help to the best of my ability and resources.

    I do not understand why discouraged?

    If I wanted a featured product I would do it as I understand you are doing it via the category or perhaps a rotating feature products using either a slider or rotators of some type rotating the "featured products".

    Obviously part of what we can and cant do are related to the theme you have chosen and the remainder to our personal coding abilities and if one is a really good coder then the theme itself becomes irrelevant because they will just code in whatever they want.

    What theme are you trying to integrate into?

    Has the idea of rotating feature products given you any ideas?

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • jason_hebert
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    Like I said in the original post. I am creating my own theme I do not use pre-built themes.

    You're completely missing the point of my problem. I want more control over where and how products are laid out. Forget about the homepage issue i came into another issue

    here's what I'm trying to accomplish

    (there'll be more in the sidebar later)

    I tried the grid plugin and it's broken, and doesn't show the description at all anyways.

    Hopefully now you see what I"m talking about.

  • jason_hebert
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    Oh and as for the scope of what you can help with. Is there somewhere else I can ask questions like this? That's what I thought I'm paying monthly for. Support for questions like these. I don't mean to be a pain. I"m sure as I become more familiar with your products the less I'll need help.

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