MarketPress Suggestion – Dashboard Statistics


I have installed MarketPress and have such question:

Is it possible to show main statistics of shops on main dashboard page as widgets? To make it comfortable for shop owners.. Like affiliate report has.

If it isn’t take it as my suggestion please, as it is required for this kind of plugin.


There should be 1 widget, which will be named something like “General Overview” and it will contain this info:

Total Sales: $10000

Total Sales This Year: $10000.2

Total Orders: 13

No. of Customers: 4

Customers Awaiting Approval: 5

Reviews Awaiting Approval: 24

No. of Affiliates: 0

Affiliates Awaiting Approval: (this will be somehow integrated with affiliates plugin of course

The second widget:

The second widget should be named “Statistics” and it will contain Affiliate Report-like statistics of Total Orders and Total Customers. It should also have Range Selecting, drop-down bar which will let admins to select range from:


This week

This month

This year

And the third widget

Latest # Orders (Number will be set by admins), it will show list of last # orders with:

Order ID Customer Status Date Added Total Action(detailed)

This is my suggestion for following version of MarketPress,

Thanks for attention.