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I don't entirely like the markup you have for the MarketPress shortcodes. Well, sometimes its just the style that I don't like and overriding EVERYTHING is such a pain. It would be nice if there was a way to write my own plugin which could register new code to _render_ a result (say for [mp_list_products]).

Minimally, I'd like to see all the shortcodes get a class attribute which would default to some value (not empty). this way the default CSS could be overridden relatively easily, by giving a new class name, and the default would not interfere.

Ex, right now [mp_list_products] renders <section id="mp-products" class="hfeed mp_products mp_products-list">. If it rendered <section id="mp-products" class="hfeed mp_products mp_products-list mp_products-default"> and [mp_list_products class="foo"] rendered <section id="mp-products" class="hfeed mp_products mp_products-list foo"> and your selectors that now start with .mp_products started with .mp_products.mp_products-default, I could do almost everything I need easily. I could use the style and it would NOT have any style from the default (which is what I want in my case)

  • Adam
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    One of the things that I saw which bothered me (because it was so limiting) is how you render the category list for [mp_product].
    <div class="mp_product_categories">Categorized in <a href="" rel="tag">Cats</a>, <a href="" rel="tag">Dogs</a></div>

    But the same look can be created using

    <div class="mp_product_categories_improved">
      <div class="mp_product_categories_title">Categorized in</div>
      <ul class='mp_product_categories_list'>
        <li class="mp_product_category"><a href="" rel="tag">Cats</a></li>
        <li class="mp_product_category"><a href="" rel="tag">Dogs</a></li>
      .mp_product_categories_title, .mp_product_categories_list,.mp_product_category{
        padding: 0;
        content: ', '
      } .mp_product_category:nth-last-child(1):after{
        content: ''

    I made a fiddle showing this at (it could be argued that the selectors don't support enough browsers, except that it goes to IE9 and not having the commas is not such a terrible fall back).

    I want this and I might think this is what you should use by default, but my opinions only matter to me. Giving me some mechanism to do this would be liberating. Not everyone wants to write code to make things look the way they want... but many people do.

    Besides, if you build a way to make this easy, it'll be that much easier to maintain and expand MP yourself.

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