Marketpress digital product protection

By default is there any digital protection for downloadable products?

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    Thanks - so you all appear to be saying that marketpress is a "very basic" sales service with absolutely no thought for protection or tracking what so ever invested in it.?

    I am somewhat bemused by this..
    Digital products - only sell one and have no way whatever to license or allow more than one purchase so folks WILL just pirate or give away..

    Files get uploaded to media library so ANYONE can simply take them..
    basic obfuscation is no more than a momentary glitch to a thief

    I imagine that as WPMU was setup for "ED" purposes this was an oversight.

    Pirating is very much alive and well in all areas including educational data and item sales, even the most basic free shopping carts offer far more protection than marketpress.

    Can someone advise if this is going to be addressed,
    I do note this has been brought up repeatedly in the forums but there is no definitive answer just closed threads..

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