Marketpress - Direct link to shipping page (skipping cart)?

Hi there. I'm wondering if via a URL (like ending in "/shipping?product=this?quantity=1" for example) I could get just 1 click straight to the 'shipping' page for a product.

I am doing a free digital download, and currently I can only get it streamlined as far as having to (1) click a link on an external site to go to the store page, (2) click "buy now" on the product page, then (3) click "checkout now" on the cart page, then (4) enter the email address on the shipping page.

I'd like to have this streamlined down to (1) click a link on any site to go directly to (2) enter email address to retrieve download.

Any suggestions? I should note this free download is the only product, until more free download are offered later.