marketpress does not accept a $0 coupon code

I need to create a $0 coupon code not to give a discount to the client but to track the referral it came from and pay a commission to that referring party.

Live Site, just discovered this missing element.


  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there.

    I'd never really thought of using the coupons for tracking. I guess it's seen as null because it's empty and so it never creates the coupon. I tested and see that.

    I'll report this for our developer to look at, but I wouldn't see it as a critical bug because coupons are meant to discount some value. In fact, I'm not sure I would even call it a bug. Perhaps for better UX there should just be a message stating that it requires some value to create the coupon.

    As a temporary solution is it not possible to make a coupon with a value of 0.01?

    I don't think think that would hurt your bottom line too much would it? :slight_smile:

    Take care.

  • Mike

    Adam/Tim- thanks for the replies. I was not suggesting it was a bug, but a feature that I was looking for that is not there.

    While the affiliate plugin may have promise, I cannot simply install and active on a live site as I need to test the inter-operability. Furthermore, I am not a fan of using paypal for affiliate payments; it is not business professional in any way IMHO.

    Yes, I thought of the .01 but that too is very unprofessional when a client is buying a $1,795 course ... they are going to ask why this coupon did this.

    If the code can't be hacked to permit 0$ or 0% (tracking) I may have to rethink what other options we can use.


  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey again.

    I get what you're saying regarding bug/feature :slight_smile:

    I would also think that Affiliate would be the best option here. Paypal is business professional and used by thousands, even larger stores. In fact we use it for most of our Payroll here (MassPay so we cover any fees).

    But you don't need to use Paypal with Affiliates, If you were going to use coupons for this then lot of the process would have been manual. Manual Payment, tracking how many purchases and then deducting those so not to over pay in the future.

    Well, with Affiliates you could simply make the manual payment and then deduct the total from their affiliate account. It will log it for you that way.

    Yes, I thought of the .01 but that too is very unprofessional when a client is buying a $1,795 course ... they are going to ask why this coupon did this.

    Would they not question why they have to enter a coupon in the first place if they're not getting anything in return?

    I know I would. Just interested :slight_smile:

    And most coupons I've ever used have in the small print that it's worth 1p or smaller.

    Of course the code could be hacked, not good for future updates though.

    Lets see what our dev says. :slight_smile:

    Take care.

  • Jonathan

    Hi @Mike,

    Unfortunately, there aren't any hooks for you to tie into so in order to do this you'd need to edit some core MarketPress code. If you're comfortable with this you'll want to find line 6161 in marketpress.php - it looks like this:

    $coupons[$new_coupon_code]['discount'] = round($_POST['discount'], 2);
    if ($coupons[$new_coupon_code]['discount'] <= 0)
    $error[] = __('Please enter a valid Discount Amount', 'mp');

    Replace with:

    $coupons[$new_coupon_code]['discount'] = round($_POST['discount'], 2);

    This will allow you to enter a coupon with a coupon without an amount specified.

    Just keep in mind that you ever update MarketPress you'll need to remember to adjust the code again accordingly.

  • Mike

    @Jonathan- sorry for the delayed response. I have hacked into several WPMU plugins and will look at this option. We are weighing our options between zero coupon, affiliate or another method. Appreciate the response.

    It looks as though if I implemented this strategy the only way I can cleanly see who used the coupon for the purchase or membership sign up is to browse orders manually or extract to xls ( no option to run report from dashboard? ).

    All have +/- 's


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