Marketpress Does not create any of the pages it creates after activation


Marketpress does not create any of the store pages or on the fly pages after activation.

I had to deactivate the plugin and each time I try to reactivate no page gets created. I even try deleting the plugin and reinstalling. I also tried clearing cache and the pages just don’t get created.

How can I resolve this?



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    That did not work, I tried deactivating and even deleting all things. I even went as far as contacting my hosting company to see if I can do a site restore and still nothing. I am wondering what is the matter. This has been going on for almost a week. I have tried everything and I am at a stand still. I feel like giving up all together. My hosting company told me to talk with you guys regarding this since this has to do with your plugin. Please help.

    If I don’t have any of the pages that get created under pages how do I proceed. What could be wrong. Even if I do it manually what if there is another issue causing this unbeknown to me.

    I open to all suggestions, I have exausted everything before coming to you guys with this matter.

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    I found the following information in another thread here:

    Products > Store Settings > Presentation and click Save Changes. MarketPress will then re-create the Store page and all of the child pages for you :slight_smile:

    The thing is that after I did that, the Store page was re-created, but the sub pages/child pages were not.

    How do I know how to bring back the shopping cart, check out, order pages, etc. I don’t even know what the other pages were named or how many were there suppose to be created.

    Please help me figure this out. I wonder why this happens. why I can’t bring back pages after reinstalling plugin and after deleting everything.

    Looking forward to any solution to bring back all the other pages besides Store page.

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    For any other users if they are reading this and have the same issue, you must first make sure you enable pretty permalinks > wp-admin > settings > permalinks > anything but default will work.

    Go to the presentation tab of MarketPress and click save, this should generate you a store page > shopping cart page and order status page, along with a product page, they will show up as child menu items on your website, so if you hover over store you should see the pages, if not your theme may not support child menu items/on hover.

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards


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