[MarketPress eCommerce] Appointments Plus / MartketPress / Mijireh


I am using appointments plus with marketpress in order to allow me to take payments through the system using Mijireh

I have 1 page which uses Services drop down to allow the customer to select the appointment etc.

This is all working and when i check out the customer is taken off to mijireh for payment, however the cart in mijireh is showing the name of the page where appointments are booked plus the appointment ID – eg Spa Day Offer: 119

How can i change this so that the mijireh payment gateway shows the name of the service and the details of the appointment as opposed to the ID of the appointment. I have looked in the code for the gateway and written some code to lookup the appointment details which i have tested, however i cant find where i need to change the code for the payment gateway so this data is passed to mijireh instead of the data as mentioned above. Any guidance on where to look in the code would be very helpful

Thanks in Advance.