[MarketPress eCommerce] Marketpress product price meta tag for revolution slider

I currently have a Revolution Slider product carousel located on the main store sidebar. This is a post-based slider which automatically adds and removes the products it displays depending on the criteria i set.

Each slide uses 'meta tags' to get and display the information relating to each slide. I currently just use {{title}} which displays the product title of each product, but i want to display the product price to be displayed also. I cant seam to achieve this. If i use a shortcode such as [mp_product_price] & [mp_product_price product_id="7045"], but it simply displays a single product price and doesn't actually get the product price data of the active slider being displayed.

I hope this makes sense, any help would be great.

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Scott,

    I'm afraid this would require custom code that will create a custom tag for your slider that will be grabbing meta data from product post type.
    I'm not sure if you tried this one - but by checking the documentation of the Post-Based Slider there is option to show ID with {{id}} - so what about

    [mp_product_price product_id="{{id}}"]

    if combining shortcode with slider meta tag will not work, then I can move this thread to Features and Feedback forum, so more members can vote for this type of integration.

    If this is something that you urgently need, I suggest checking our Jobs and Pros board to see if you can find developer that would implement that for you.

    kind regards,

  • Scott Taylor


    This displays a price but simply say £0.00 on every slide so its not getting the data from the price field of the products. Surely there must be a way to create a meta tag - I'm not expert so im looking for options.

    I have used revolution slider to display products as I cant find any other carousel/ ticker plugins compatible with Marketpress. WP-Mojo plugin which looks great is currently unavailable with no response from their contact for and download link/ form has an error. So im currently experimenting. Rev Slider is a great way to display products but Im just missing the 'Price' Tag.

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Scott,

    I understand - however Rev Slider is third party paid plugin and developing a new feature for that plugin is beyond the scope of that forum.
    Please note that this price tag has to be added on the Rev Slider part and not MarketPress.

    I can suggest asking Rev Slider developers how to add a tag that will pull a custom filed value (meta field value) from a custom post type (one that is displayed inside the slider) - if you will have code for that then you will only need adjust it to use products post price meta field which is regular_price for MarketPress.

    kind regards,

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