[MarketPress eCommerce] MarketPress Royalties (or simliar)

((If this needs to be moved to Feature Requests due to not being able to do this without hiring someone, please do so.))

I would like to have a single store (MarketPress) in which users can upload a digital product (heck they don't even need to do it, maybe just submit it via email or form)– users can HAVE a digital product in my store in which I am selling for them. In return, they collect a royalty from the sales. Preferably I would be able to set a % per person, but not necessary. (Per person would help with higher or lower product costs– I'd hate to charge 30% on a $1-2 product but I don't mind a flat rate, the user would have to agree to it anyway.)

So instead of each user having their own store with their own products where I cannot market the products individually and promote them via sales and bundles, it would all be in a single location. In fact, the reason I would be collecting a fee is due to the fact that my team would be marketing and running the site.

The only way I could figure out a work around (since this is not available out of the box, and I don't know what else to do) is to have them digi-sign a contract, submit the product, and my business does a payout based on net sales at the beginning of the next month.

Devs, are there any other methods I could achieve this without creating a pile of paperwork to do every month? Is this a feature that could be implemented in the near future? If this feature was brought into the horizon I would gladly start it up via paperwork now and convert it later. Just not sure I want the hassle of paperwork.

I even checked out WooCommerce and cannot find any add-ons that would do the same thing. Hope I'm not out of luck here.

Thanks for your thoughts and input on this matter!