[MarketPress eCommerce] Quantity discounts MarketPress

Hi again guys, hope you’re doing well!

On another project, I’m selling a high-value book and would like to offer discounts for quantity purchases. Browsing the forums I’ve created a workaround involving creating product variants for quantities, fixing the buying limit to one, then hiding the regular quantity field on the product page using CSS (works for the shortcode too). [Edit: just realised there was no need for the CSS, it’s now an option in MarketPress…doh! The quantity is still visible on the cart page, too…]

It works ok, but it’s not terribly elegant. For a start the price shows at 0 until you select a variant. It also would make the stock control wrong as variants are not designed for this.

Since it’s been a few years that people have been requesting this, any chance we could get this in MarketPress and avoid the complexity of WooCommerce? Pretty please with cherries on top? :smiley: