[MarketPress eCommerce] Some Questions

Hi, I have some questions about the Marketpress plugin.
I want to build a site like Etsy with it. Which possibilities of the fee calculation for the members I have. Unfortunately I didn't find anything useful in the plugin configuration.

My wish would be a fee for the posting of the articles.
A sales fee as a fixed amount (minimum amount) and a percentage of the sales price. Which ways do I have for it?

Thank you very much for your help.
Greetings Matthias

  • Huberson

    Hello Matthias
    Setting up MarketPress as a global store on a multisite, you should be able to allow people to sell products and collect fees on the sales price.
    Though Etsy is pretty custom, so the fee calculation you have built-in in MarketPress might not be as flexible.

    There's no built-in option to collect separate fees like on each product listing and fixed fee on sales but, enabling the PayPal Chained Payments gateway from network store settings you can set a percentage fee that will be collected on every sales.

    One alternative to collecting fee for posting of the articles would be to use Pro Sites to allow collection of a global monthly fee from the people selling on your network.
    Basically with Pro Sites, you will have to create different levels(like store levels) where the amount you collect from the store owner is based on their Pro sites level.

    Of course, each levels will have different sets of features and limit on the amount of articles that can be posted and such, using different Pro Sites modules.

    You can have a look at Pro Sites documentation for more details on possible options.
    Make sure to also check MarketPress doc network section.

    Do let us know if you have further questions or need more details on those.


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