MarketPress eCommerce - There are no items in your cart.

I have MarketPress running on a blog on my network site and everything seems ok except the shopping cart doesn't keep products that are being added to it.
Items appear in the mini floating cart but the cart is empty when I go to that page. Please help!

  • Patrick Freitas

    Hi Chris Chalmers

    How are today?

    I had a closer look on the website, do you still needing help for this issue? I made some tests and I was able to add a product and access the cart page, I removed, and tried to add a product from home page, shop page and product page. Logged and as guest.

    Maybe this is a browser cache issue, wouldn't you mind please to clean the browser cache and try to add a product.

    However the only problem I could see what the HTTPS not running because a mixed content.

    Let me know the results
    Have a Great Day
    Best Regards,
    Patrick Freitas

  • Chris Chalmers

    Hi Patrick
    I took a look at the code in the marketpress plugin and was able to solve the issue. There's a method called mp_get_ajax_url() in includes>common>template_functions.php that looks like it is attempting to switch the schema for the admin_ajax url between http and https depending on the site's settings. I bypassed this code and simply removed the schema altogether (ie: use "//" instead of "http://"). Most browsers should fill in the schema based on the schema for the page. Probably not the most complete approach but it works for my purposes. I hope this helps somebody if they stumble across it!

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