Marketpress Enduser Documentation?

Is there any sort of end-user manual for Marketpress or a how-to video?

My client about cried when I showed him the store back end (granted…not exactly a computer savvy person). Is there some vid that I looked over that shows how USE the plugin, how to add products, like how to process orders and such? Or should I just roll my own for them?

And, truthfully, I’ve set it up and customized it a few times, but I, personally, have never used it…

any thoughts?

  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops


    We have documentation in the works, it is not here yet though :slight_smile:

    I will create some tutorials if you need! Please email me a list of topics you want to cover, even the obvious ones, and I will start making a list to include in the official documentation.

    kimberly (at) incsub


  • mobiousdesign
    • Flash Drive

    Thanks Kimberly,

    I actually sat down this morning and basically brain dumped the order process for him. So, until I get to the next client with a store (fingers crossed…got one on the hook) I’m good. But I’ll be VERY curious to see what you guys come up with compared to what I showed him!

    But, Things I’d really like to see:

    A step by step on how to customize emails and what dynamic fields are available.

    A step by step on the order fulfillment process in the dashboard

    A step by step on product creation (for a user…not a dev)


    You guys rock!

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