Marketpress existing features or Suggestions for upgrade

hi @Aaron sorry to ping ya but you were on the plugin list as dev so thought it best to ask you. :slight_smile:

Ok was just chatting with @aristath about his new beta when i had a few ideas, cant find them in the settings but maybe i am missing them, if not could these be considered a feature request?

Ok first one:An ability to set products as featured, for example those on discount pricing. or end of line (stock wont be replaced after last item sold)
second one:when checking out its possible at the moment to add more items than is in stock to an order, yes market press takes you back with a warning that there isnt enough stock for that. But could it be possible for a)placing back orders b)warning on the shopping cart of quatities available.
finally: How about pre orders so that you could offer some kind of discount that the payment wouldnt be processed untill time of shipping but would allow us to get people to pre order goods etc similar to the way a lot of software companies etc. work.