MarketPress - Feature suggestions Part 2

Hi there guys this is a a second post with further feature requests.

We have been putting marketpress through its paces on a new network we are launching locally.
As such we put a panel of ten sites onto the network system and let store owners go wild and on a weekly basis review suggestions.

We are going into a live version of the system next week monday.

One feature that has been requested by every one of our panel is as follows:

Shipping Waybill details and service provider contact.

When in the "order management page" prior to changing status to "Shipped" it has been requested that we could enter the details of the shipping provider - Name / Contact Email / Phone - and most importantly the Waybill / Tracking number for the shipping. This then appends these details to the "Your Order has been shipped(ORDERID)" email.


The order status page.

This feature is highly sort after from our side. If you could update us ont he current further development on the project and what you are looking to implement into the shipping section into the future that would be golden.

Thnaks again and keep up the great work!